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"Hi Dr. Gill, I just wanted to let you know my experience using BETA-STIM™ - HORSE IMMUNE STIMULANT. I have three horses on my property. Two years ago all three were diagnosed with Lyme disease. After the treatment I put one of the horses on Beta-Stim for a period of several months. Eight months later I had all three horses retested for Lyme and only the one horse I had given the Beta-Stim to was negative for Lyme-the other two tested positive and required treatment. I then put another horse (in addition to the one that originally got the supplement) on the Beta-Stim. I just got the test results back and the two horses on Beta-Stim tested negative for Lyme and the one horse that never had the supplement tested positive again. I am starting to believe this stuff really works!!! To have a supplement that has a positive impact on the incidence of Lyme Disease here is the northeast (Maine) where the disease is rampant is something close to a miracle. As horse owners and riders we feel completely helpless as we pick dozens of ticks off our horses day after day-and those are just the ones we can see. Thank for you this promising product and I am hoping to have continued success using it." -Nancy

December 12, 2015

Mike Stidham is leading trainer at Fair Grounds after three racing weeks, and it’s not just that 10 of his 25 starters have won, but that 20 of them have finished third or better. Pretty much every horse Stidham has saddled at the meeting has at least run to expected form, if not beyond it. Horseplayers savvy enough to jump on the bandwagon from the start have been richly rewarded: Stidham’s $2 win return on investment stands at $3.07 entering this week’s racing.

(By Marcus Hersh, Daily Racing Form)

October 31, 2015 Breeder's Cup

May 6th, 2012

Are you interested in listening to some interviews Dr.Gill has done in the past on senior equine nutrition? Just click on one of the links below! .

July 17th, 2013


Our Equine Nutrition & Health Blog is now live!

Click here to read the latest posts about equine nutrition tips and advice, equine nutrition news, and product reviews!.


June 7th, 2013


Dr. Amy M. Gill recently shared her background story and professional experience in the horse industry at Alltech’s 29th Annual International Symposium. She also discussed the nutrient-targeted horse health supplements that make up the Equi-Force™ line. Being among the top ten animal health companies in the world, Alltech focuses on natural scientific solutions to today’s largest agriculture and food challenges and is a global leader in the animal health and nutrition industry. The convention hosted a variety of speakers from the industry as well as numerous other professionals.

May 6th, 2012

Breaking Press Release

Equine Nutritionist Dr. Amy Gill Signs on to “Luck Be a Lady” TV Series

Lexington, KY May 6, 2012 - The Women’s Horse Industry Network (WHIN), the Executive Producer of the "LUCK BE A LADY" TV series has signed Dr. Amy Gill as the host of the "Keeping Your Horse Healthy" weekly segments.

Gill will interview and talk with various manufacturers, trainers and holistic practitioners. Catherine Masters, the president of WHIN, says "we are thrilled to have someone with her educational experience in keeping horses healthy and her hands on experience in the sport of horse racing be a part of our series. Plus, she's already been a part of another TV series about animal nutrition so she knows how everything works".
Dr. Amy M. Gill is an independent equine nutrition consultant based in Lexington, KY and Wellington, FL. As a consultant, Dr. Gill has worked extensively with several feed manufacturers including Alltech, Inc., Triple Crown Nutrition, Cavalor, Hallway Feeds, Southern States Cooperative, Renaissance Nutrition, Milestone Equine, Western Hay and Cargill Animal Nutrition (Nutrena, Agway). Her services include writing technical bulletins and articles, presenting educational seminars and performing on site farm consultations. In 2004, Dr. Gill produced a TV show series with Cargill Animal Nutrition for the satellite channel RFD-TV. Dr. Gill wrote the copy for and was featured in several of the episodes. The show focused on several key issues involving the feeding and management of all types of horses. Dr. Gill is also involved with many large breeding farms and performance horse stables, providing consultation on nutrition and exercise programs. Some of Dr Gill's clients include Todd Pletcher Racing, Michelle Nihei Racing, Anthony Dutrow Racing, Michael Stidham Racing, Mark Hennig Racing, H. James Bond Racing, John C Kimmel Racing, Glencrest Farm, Siena Farm, Hill N Dale Farm, Eutrophia Farm, Gulf Coast Farm, Harris Farms, Silver Oaks Farm, Sunday Morning Thoroughbreds, Woodstock Farm, Ashleigh Stud, Casa Farm, Valkyre Stud and Highclere.

Dr. Gill is also the creator and founder of Equi-Force Equine Products LLC, a line of targeted nutrient therapies specifically formulated to help alleviate clinical symptoms associated with metabolic, immune and exercise related disorders. Equi-Force products exert an effect through research based formulations that have been clinically tested and shown to be effective. The Equi-Force range includes: joint and bone health, digestive support, immune support, energy fuels, metabolic support, electrolytes, and Omega 3 Fatty Acids. More information about Equi-Force can be found at

Gill says "Participating in this series will be an amazing opportunity for me to continue to help horses and the people that are involved with them on a day to day basis. I also hope to encourage new participants at all levels of this amazing industry. I want to convey the message that if you have a passion for horses, you CAN get involved at any level, from fan to professional. The aim of the series is to show the world the work women do in the horse industry and that anyone can participate if they want to."
The "LUCK BE A LADY" TV series is being produced by Full Moon High Tide Productions of Los Angeles, owned by comedic icon, Roseanne Barr.

April 21st, 2012