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Equi-Palm™ - Horse Weight Gain Fat Supplement - 15 lbs

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Equi-Palm - Direct energy source for horses
Equi-Palm - Direct energy source for horsesMCFA horse supplement
Price: $55.00

Equi-Palm™ - High Calorie Fat Supplement for Horses

Now available in 40 lbs bags

Contains Palm Fatty Acids, Available Immediately as an Energy Source

Equi-Palm™ is an equine high calorie fat supplement formulated with palm fatty acids which are Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA).  MCFA’s are transported directly to liver where they become available as an immediate energy source and are not stored as fat in the body. MCFA’s are used preferentially by the horse as an energy source during exercise and can help prevent fatigue in the exercising horse by sparing the use of glycogen.

Direct Energy, Source of Calories, Weight Gain

The benefits of Equi-Palm™ as a high calorie horse fat supplement include:
    • An excellent source of calories and energy for horses that are resistant to starches and sugars
    • A “direct” energy source for high intensity exercise
    • Does not disturb hindgut bacteria during digestion
    • Helps lead to an increase in weight gain
    • Very palatable due to vegetarian source

Feeding Directions:

  • Feed 4 - 8 oz per day for an adult horse

Informational Articles:

Weight: 15.0 lbs

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