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Equine Metabolic/Insulin Resistance Supplements

Your horse’s metabolic health is important to maintain and for horses suffering from equine metabolic conditions, such as Insulin Resistance and Equine Cushing’s disease, the symptoms can be hard to manage.

is specifically designed to help manage insulin resistance, which is associated with obesity and chronic laminitis, and symptoms that accompany horses with Cushing’s disease. Meta-Librium’s unique formulation contains a selection of ingredients that help:
  • Reduce overall body fat content
  • Increase sensitivity to insulin, which in turns helps to normalize glucose levels
  • Reduce hyperactivity and anxiety

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Meta-Librium equine metabolic supplement
Meta-Librium™ - Horse Metabolic and Behavior/Calming Supplement - 5 lbs
Price: $74.95
Meta-Librium™ - Horse Metabolic and Behavior/Calming Supplement - 5 lbs
Now with cinnamon - A unique formula designed to help manage equine metabolic disorders. Meta-Librium™ also has a calming effect on horses because it contains ingredients that can help prevent nervousness and anxiety.
Equine Nutrition & Health Services Blog
Price: Priceless!!
Equine Nutrition & Health Services Blog
Equine Nutrition and Health Services blog provides equine nutritional tips and advice, equine nutrition news, and product discussion.