The horse’s digestive tract is delicate system and often the rigors of training, showing, traveling, and the stresses of injury and illness, can cause disruption of normal function. As discussed in our blog post “Supporting Equine Digestion – Intestinal Micro-organisms for Healthy Gut Function”, one of the best ways to support and maintain a healthy equine digestive tract is to provide it with healthy microbes through the use of probiotics. Equine probiotic supplements on today’s market can vary in bacterial content and count, application method, and overall viability and effectiveness. For an equine probiotic unlike any on the market, we take a look at EquiOtic™, a live, equine sourced probiotic.


EquiOtic™ is unique because it combines the benefits of the bacteria Lactobacillus reuteri with the yeast Saccharomyces boulardii:

The bacterium, L. reuteri, is of equine origin, cultured from the colon of the horse. In addition to the significance of viability and equine specificity, this L. reuteri has been shown to inhibit the growth of Salmonella and stimulate the immune system by preparing mucosal cells to respond to invasive bacteria.

The yeast, S. boulardii, stabilizes the pH/acidity of the large bowel, helping to prevent gastrointestinal upsets such as colic and diarrhea. In addition, S. boulardii attaches to clostridial bacteria, eliminating them and neutralizes toxins produced by clostridium.

Providing the horse with micro-organisms of equine origin is important because in order to have optimal colonization in the gastrointestinal tract, the bacteria must be species specific. The colonization and reproduction of live organisms is a critical part of EquiOtic’s effectiveness as an equine probiotic.

EquiOtic’s™ novel packaging and high colony forming units (CFU’s) support delivery of  live organisms to the horse. The number of CFU’s given orally must be significant enough to reach the horse’s digestive tract, which is why EquiOtic™ contains 40 billion CFU (20 billion guaranteed at time of use) of both L. reuteri and S. boulardii. EquiOtic’s foil packaging in both paste and daily feed packet form ensure the viability of bacteria at time of administration.

By helping to restore the balance of beneficial bacteria to the equine digestive tract, EquiOtic™ is recommended to be used:

  • During periods of abnormal G.I function
  • Before and during treatment with antibiotics
  • Before and during periods of stress
  • Before and during periods of hospitalization
  • Prior to shipping
  • Prior to a stressful performance
  • Weaning
  • Maintaining normal GI function

For daily maintenance or situations in which your horse’s digestive tract needs a first line defense, be sure to keep EquiOtic™ in your feeding program.

This blog post was originally posted on Monday, July 9th, 2012 at Equine Nutrition and Health Services Blog. Blog article was re-posted with permission from blog owner, all rights reserved.