Integri-Gut™ – Equine Gastrointestinal Supplement – 4 lbs

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Equine Nutrition Supplements

Integri-Gut™ – Contains Glutamine, Prebiotics, Probiotics, Live Yeast Culture

Integri-Gut™ is an equine gastrointestinal supplement that contains glutamine, prebiotics, probiotics, and live yeast culture. Until recently, the importance of equine gastrointestinal health has been both undervalued and misunderstood. Factors such as physical and psychological stress, an unbalanced diet, antibiotics, and an oversupply of starches and sugars can result in inflammation and erosion in the horse’s gut wall. This inflammation and erosion allows bacteria and toxins to escape the intestinal lining and enter through to the horse’s circulatory system. Bacteria in the bloodstream can lead to a variety of disorders.  Integri-Gut™ helps prevent this “leaky gut” syndrome by providing nutrients that help keep the space between intestinal cells “tight” so that bacteria cannot pass through the wall.


Integri-Gut™ is helpful for:

  • Maintaining a healthy gut wall and support of intestinal villi
  • Preventing “leaky” gut leading to bacterial escape into bloodstream
  • Support of hind gut function

Very effective for horses that have inflammation and erosion in the gut wall due to:

  • Physical and/or psychological stress
  • Unbalanced diet, not enough fiber
  • An over supply of starches and sugars
  • Large amounts of antibiotics

Feeding Directions:

2oz (3/4 scoop) twice a day

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Weight 7.5 lbs
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