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Horses Equine MSM – Joint & Cartilage Supplement

Your horse derives a great deal of organic sulfur form the environment. MSM can be found naturally in a variety of forages including grasses, legumes, weeds, leaves and water sources. Under optimal conditions your horse will derive all the necessary sulfur from pasture and water. However as we have domesticated this range animal, many horses no longer have access to natural sulfur sources and may become deficient.

Good examples of this are horses without adequate pasture, horses in stable settings, lack of adequately sulfated water sources (you can have you water tested for sulfur content free of charge at most agricultural departments) and those involved in athleticism. Symptoms of this condition may present itself as general stiffness, joint cracking, a change in gate or in severe cases, effusion around the joint capsule. If your horse falls into the above risk categories or exhibits some of the aforementioned symptoms, MSM is an easy to use and effective supplement. Product weight 2 lbs.

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Weight 4.125 lbs
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