Equine Nutrition and Health Services Veterinarian Membership


Equine Nutrition and Health Services offers yearly membership to veterinarians seeking nutritional advice from Dr. Gill for themselves and their clients on a regular basis.


Equine Nutrition Supplements

Working Together for Comprehensive Equine Health Services

Equine Nutrition and Health Services offers yearly membership to veterinarians seeking sound nutritional advice for themselves and their clients from Dr. Gill. By becoming a member, you are entitled to:

  • Access Dr. Gill’s nutritional library through a PDF file, which contains a variety of articles and presentations on various nutrition topics
  • Six direct consultations per month between you and Dr. Gill by phone or email
  • Direct consultation with clients if needed

The program also offers professional pricing on Equi-Force Equine Products, a targeted nutritional therapy line formulated by Dr. Gill, for veterinarians that choose to carry the line. The products provide therapeutic levels of nutrients that help alleviate symptoms associated with exercise, metabolic, growth, and immune disorders in the equine. Please refer to the membership file for specific details.