Equine Electrolyte Supplements

Electrolytes are mineral salts that create the electrical current in the horse and are necessary for a variety of biological functions, including:

Muscular contraction
Water balance
Regular heart beat horse electrolyte product

Horse’s electrolyte levels must be maintained all year round and at the correct ratio. Electro-Ryte™ is specifically formulated for this purpose, as it replaces elemental mineral that is lost during sweating at a proportional rate to that found in equine sweat. Derived from Redmond rock sea salt, Electro-Ryte™ does not contain fillers or any additional nutrients other than electrolytes.

Natural sea salt helps to keep blood pressure lower during intense exercise because it naturally contains a lower amount of sodium. This may help to prevent bleeding in the lungs in some horses.

Electro-Ryte™ is available in 5 and 30 lbs containers.

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