Equine Joint and Bone Supplements

Equine athletes commonly suffer from bone and joint disorders. The impact from training and performing can cause damage to cartilage and bone tissue. Equi-Force’s equine joint and bone supplements can help rebuild and strengthen bones.

There are several equine joint and bone supplements we offer:

Osteo-Sil™ main ingredient, silicic acid, helps increase bone density and flexibility.
Osteo-Gen™ helps repair cartilage and damaged bone by providing calcium, phosphorous, manganese, zinc, and vitamin D. Works best when used in conjunction with Osteo-Sil™.
GLC 5500 is an all natural, pure equine joint and bone supplement that uses the four available glucosamines to repair and hydrate cartilage.
MSM helps with inflammation and is made from an all natural sulfur compound.

These four equine joint and bone supplements are designed to help heal and prevent future bone and joint damage. For questions or call to schedule a consultation please contact Dr. Gill: 859-229-2447.

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