This Icelandic mare is affected by Equine Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome, Leaky Gut Syndrome and Laminitis

This mare was diagnosed with equine metabolic syndrome and associated insulin resistance as well as acute stage laminitis because of leaky gut syndrome with rotation in the coffin bone.

Dr. Gill prescribed the following Nutrient Targeted Therapies from Equi-Force Equine Products, Inc:

Meta-Librium to address glucose and insulin metabolism dysfunction,

OmegaTri oil to help alleviate the inflammation in the gut and whole body 

MicroBiome Support to support colon health and stabilize the hind gut

Three months after the start of protocol, the mare is stable and hoof growth is measurable. First and Third radiographs show new growth and increased sole and coffin bone alignment.  Bloodwork shows continued elevated indices of metabolic imbalance, though much improved over the three month period of supplementation with Equi-Force nutritional therapies. Most importantly, the mare is in good spirits and continues to improve. Some metabolic horses never see a return to normal levels of parameters that indicate metabolic imbalances. The goal is to get these horses to where they are sound and happy and can be managed with the above-mentioned protocol with no further regression into diseased state.