This aged gelding was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease, equine metabolic syndrome, and insulin resistance.  He was prescribed medication for Cushing’s Disease. He was very potbellied, had an atrophied topline, spine visible and palpable, extremely poor hair coat, lethargy, and lameness.

Dr. Gill prescribed the following Nutrient Targeted Therapies from Equi-Force Equine Products, Inc:

Meta-Librium metabolic formula to address glucose and insulin metabolism dysfunction

OmegaTri  high dose Omega 3 Fatty acid oil to help alleviate the inflammation in the gut and whole body

MicroBiome Support to support colon health and stabilize the hind gut

She also suggested a slow feeder system,so that he would have forage in front of him at all times (crucial for the health of the hind gut) which he enjoyed very much.

Within thirty days of implementing the above protocol, the gelding showed marked improvement.

He had noticeably more condition over the topline, the pot belly was beginning to draw up, and his energy levels were markedly improved.  Sixty days later his condition and coat were greatly improved and his energy level under saddle was excellent.

One Month:

Two Months: