Restorative and Reparative Equine Joint Supplement

For performance horses, healthy joints mean everything. The rigors of training and competing can have a degenerative effect on equine joints.  One way to help alleviate pain and rebuild healthy joints is by providing your horse an equine joint supplement. Equi-force has four joint supplements to promote optimum bone and joint health: Siiforce Horses, Osteo-Gen, GLC 5500, and MSM Equine.

Osteo-Sil helps increase bone density and collagen content of soft tissues. With heavy training, joints and bone can become damaged. This particular equine joint supplement builds the strength of bone and enhances the elasticity of tendon, ligament and cartilage.

Osteo-Gen  contains bone building nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous, manganese, and vitamin D—a combination that helps bone and cartilage develop. This supplement also helps repair damage to bone and cartilage naturally and can be given to all equines throughout their life starting as foals.

GLC 5500 also repairs cartilage, but with glucosamines and chondroitins. Veterinarian research found that these ingredients helps repair and hydrate cartilage, which is required for fluid, easy movements when running. For equine athletes, trainers and veterinarians trust GLC 5500 as a defensive approach to joint damage. An added benefit: It’s 100% natural.

MSM Equine is a patented sulfur compound that helps manage inflammation and alleviate stiffness, joint inflammation, and other disorders. Due to domestication, horses may not receive the natural sulfur they need which is found in legumes and grasses. MSM Equine supplement helps ensure your equine’s diet meets nutritional recommendations for sulfur.

Joint supplements are crucial for equine athletes. Proper care and maintenance through exercise, diet, and targeted nutrients will help ensure your horse remains healthy and strong. For questions regarding these supplements, please call 859-294-9365.